Thursday, January 11, 2007


the khatib intoned from the minbar, “Allah, without you we are but dust.”
At that moment a little boy leaned over to his father and asked quite audibly, “Baba, what is butt dust?”
You can imagine it took a while for everything to settle down after that.


Irving said...

haha that is very funny :)

Um Ibrahim said...


seeker94 said...

Very funny! LOL!

Andy Looney said...

You have minibars in your places of worship?

At church we're lucky to get a mouthful of wine.

Anonymous said...

the heading of the post is very apt :)))))))))

someone mistook "minbar" for mini bar as wine in church LOLZzzzzzzzzzzzzz imagine mini bar astaghfiruallah :))

phew ! i cant stop laughing after reading the previous comment