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Comedy film ‘The Muslims Are Coming!’ tackles Islamophobia

Comedians and film co-directors Negin Farsad and Dean Obeidallah are taking on one of present-day politics’ most sensitive subjects head-on, hoping laughter really can overcome all — including Islamophobia.
But then they take potshots at key conservatives and Fox News, characterizing those with dissenting views of radical Islam as ignorant.
They’re co-directors of “The Muslims Are Coming!” The movie basically tracks Muslim-American stand-up comics as they appear and perform in venues around the nation, in the face of sometimes harsh stereotypes.
“Around the election of Barack Obama and the controversy regarding a mosque near the World Trade Center, we were both kind of struck to the extent to which being Muslim was such an accusation,” Mr. Farsad said, as Politico reported. “And I think that it continues for some people five years later.”
His co-director said their hope is to “counter those who are preaching hate and those who don’t know about Muslims.”
“I think comedy is a great vehicle to reach out to people,” Mr. Obeidallah said in the Politico article.

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"When I was in the desert," said Nasruddin one day, "I caused an entire tribe of horrible and bloodthirsty bedouins to run."

"However did you do it?" asked a person.

"Easy. I just ran, and they ran after me."

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a man asked the Prophet Muhammad, "What is the best jihad?" to which Prophet Muhammad replied, "Speaking a word of truth to an oppressive ruler."

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Israeli wall around Gaza

this or that

When the bomb went off in Boston i knew that it would turn out to be either a muslim or some white boys. Turned out I was right on both accounts.

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