Sunday, January 07, 2007

Little Mosque on the praire

This could either end up being really good or pretty bad. the clips i saw were funny. I am also pretty sure you are going to either love it or hate it.

In a show that will be the first of its kind on North American TV, CBC plans to begin a new comedy series about a small community of Muslims living in rural Saskatchewan.

LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRAIRIE is a new comedy from CBC Television about a
small Muslim community in the prairie town of Mercy, many of whose residents are
wary of their new, more “exotic” neighbors. The series takes an unabashedly funny look
at the congregation of a rural mosque and their attempt to live in harmony with the often
skeptical, even down right suspicious, residents of their little prairie town. The sitcom
reveals that, although different, we are all surprisingly similar when it comes to family,
love, the generation gap and our attempts to balance our secular and religious lives.


Al Shabaz said...

Jermaine has caused national controversy by openly praying his obligatory five time prayers live on national TV. However Channel Four the Broadcaster has censored any footage of the Former Jackson Five practicing his faith. Outraged muslims have begun to complain on grounds of fair representation as Shilpa Shetty was broadcast practicing Yoga, they are demanding an explanation from Channel four as to why Jermaine Praying has been censored. Complaints to Ofcom the body that adjudicates media complaints are set to flood in this monday. Jermaine has begun to attract many thousands of muslim votes.

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irving said...

I really hope they show this on US tv also. I would love to see it.

Ya Haqq!

Moemen said...

Masha2allah; I wish they'd do something (decent) on Muslims here in Britain too sometime soon!

Hali Cespedes Zane said...

I loved the clips! Will it be available in the United States to people who don't have satellite?

Megan Schlechter said...

I'm from Canada. I must say i really enjoy the show. I think it would do the world some good to show cultures for who they are as people not as stereo types. I help in an ESL class... the Muslim girls and boys who have recently come to Canada are torn whether they like it or not.. to the guys.. they believe that the women are given too much freedom in the show.. for the women, they like how the women do have control, power and freedom. Being roman catholic and not knowing a lot about Muslim faith, i enjoy the series for its social commentary