Friday, July 21, 2006

Get the dates right

A guide was taking a party round the British Museum.
'This sarcophagus is five thousand years old.'
A bearded figure with a turban stepped forward. 'You are mistaken,' said Nasrudin, 'for it is five thousand and three years old.'
Everyone was impressed, and the guide was not pleased. They passed into another room.
'This vase', said the guide, 'is two thousand five hundred years old.'
'Two thousand five hundred and three,' intoned Nasrudin.
'Now look here,' said the guide, 'how can you date things so precisely ? I don't care if you do come from the East, people just don't know things like that.'
'Simple,' said Nasrudin. 'I was last here three years ago. That time you said the vase was two thousand five hundred years old.'


Denise said...

Ew, I can relate.
Hey, I saw in your profile that you like "Khaled". I was parked at wal-mart one day and someone stole my CD player with Khaled inside. It was a CD that was hard won, and I was broken after that. Hubby says he can get me another one,

Sobia said...

ha ha that a true story b/c it's really funny!

Sarah said...

lol That's funny!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way! are you from SC?

Invisible said...

How glad I am that you posted on my blog enabling me to discover your blog... Ill deff be logging on here for my daily dose of smiles insha'Allah!