Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Trotting along on his donkey, Mulla Nasrudin was trying to eat some mulberry-flour. But each time he tried to empty some out of the bag into his mouth, the wind blew it away.
A passing farmer called out:
'What are you doing, Mulla?'
'At this rate,' said Nasrudin, 'I am not doing anything at all.'


Adnan Mole said...


Is it pertinent to ask, "Who is Nasruddin"?

Salaam my brother.

Edward Ott said...

Nasruddin is the name of a mullah in turkey who they tell stories of, the name is not really important, but i know when ever one of the turkish brothers starts something with Mullah Nasruddin, that a story is being told.

d nova said...

well, these definitely have the flavor of old nasruddin stories.

did u write them?