Sunday, August 24, 2008


As you may now know i talked with Obama and i have declined his offer of the VP spot, forcing him to go with his second choice of Joe Biden. I am sure Joe will do a fine job.


hotrat said...

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Anak Bumi said...


u are funny man.

give my regard to Obama please. I am his third cousin.

alien said...

hey.. thnaks for ur comment :)

nd hope dat Joe does his job ;)

reena said...

obama??ahahah is this story real or what??yeah i know im blur..

Si Perempuan Melayu said...

haha ( :
and Ramadhan Mubarak, Eid is coming!

Rabia said...

I hope next president work for peace, not like bush terrorists polices.

Luna said...

salaam to see the video i assume u need to install
flash player inshaAllah then it shud work .. masalaama