Wednesday, May 09, 2007

crossdressing in saudi arabia

Ibn Abbas narrated "The Prophet(S) cursed the men who dressed like women and the women who dressed like men." (Bukhari)

I was discusing this hadith and some how we fell upon the horrible thought that there could be thousands of males walking around Saudi Arabia publically dressed as women and no one would ever know:)


irving said...

I think you could tell by their big feet and hairy knuckles lol

MissionPeace said...

hahaha salam alaikum,

i really laughed so much when i read this post :) u really got a funny bone bro, although on a funny note, this was really a hilariously thought :))))

big feet and hairy knuckles wont work if they start waxing their knuckles :))))) LOLz

keep smiling akhi, maasalaam

Dee said...

does the the Arab men use hijab n niqab as well? so u cud tell by the bushes across their face, hehehe. Newayz, a very hillarious blog, made me laugh my kidney's out

Dee said...

why's my comment not showing up :(

cactus said...

really they do it????

for what? do they do it bcoz they like being a cross dresser.

or there r other reasons?

Hali Cespedes Zane said...

"does the the Arab men use hijab n niqab as well?"

In a shamaal (sandstorm), it's all the same because the men put their gutras across their face like a veil :)

There is a good reason why the people who live in the desert wear big, billowy clothes - it protects from the weather as well as providing modesty.

salman said... have a very good sense of humour Ed... couldn't stop laughing imagining the scene.